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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Magicians

"If you're having a party where you need a magician, Rich Clark was on a different planet compared to the normal run-of-the-mill magicians and is worth every penny. You might find someone wont find anyone better me, my wife, my daughter and our 200 guests!"

- Geoffrey Salmon (Batmitzvah)

Barmitzvah Magician

Close Up Magic

The most popular form of magical entertainment at Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs is close up, mix and mingle magic, entertaining your guests in small groups with extremely visual magic. Highly engaging and very, very memorable for your child's big day.

Batmitzvah Magician


Having a magician working the tables during the meal (between courses) or entertaining guests between prayers, speeches and other entertainment is a great way of turning that in-between time into a fantastic memory and an enjoyable part of the day. 

Batmitzvah Magician


Everyone has been waiting for the party!  We can provide an experienced magician to mingle with the non-dancers, gathering the two families and friends together and making them scream in mutual amazement! An excellent way to get the party started!

BarMitzvah Magician
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