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The World's First Magic-Themed Cafe

LUX Awards: BEST themed cafe 2019

LUX Awards: Most Outstanding Cafe Design

The Twisted Fork began life as the world's first Magic-Themed Cafe and Bar, based in Hackney, London.  A huge success, it attracted the very best magicians on the circuit to its sell-out shows and won numerous awards. 

During the day, it operated a magic-themed cafe in which top class magicians performed at the table and magical hosts served up levitating food. 


Boasting a set of incredible bespoke moving portraits, illusory murals and original holographic illusions, the venue was a truly unforgettable experience. The moving portraits were incredible and a tourist attraction that attrated people from across the world.  




The Twisted Fork ran a sell-out Magic School for kids, hosted private parties every weekend, launched a string of world class evening shows, and even had a magic shop selling Marvin's Magic sets. The Magic School and Magic Shows continue, and are now based in a venue in Hertfordshire, with further plans to expand into the City of London.  


The venue did not reopen after the 2020 pandemic, but the memories live on, and our network of incredible magicians now bring the magic direct to you! See the videos below for some snippets of the venue!