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Party Magicians

We love parties! Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Retirement Parties, Christmas Parties, Christenings, House Parties - you name it, we will get the party started with one of our AMAZING magicians! 

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Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic at a party of any type is a winner! Our magicians will mix and mingle with your guests, entertaining them with highly visual, close up magic.  Perfect for anniversaries, house parties, birthday events and any other gathering.

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Table Magic

If your event involves people seated around tables, our magicians will entertain them at the tables.  The magic will be highly visual and classy, and will be delivered in the quiet time between courses, ensuring a smooth and seamless meal punctuated with fun!

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If your party is a seated event, we can provide an amazing seated Magic Show!  Our Magician will dazzle and amaze your guests from a stage area, and they will be treated to a masterpiece of Magic.  Perfect as the finale of an event, or the opening of a party. 

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