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Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Magician in London

If you're looking to add some excitement and wonder to your next corporate event in London, hiring a corporate magician might just be the perfect solution. A skilled magician can captivate an audience, spark conversation, and create an unforgettable experience for your guests. In this guide, we'll answer some common questions about hiring a corporate magician in London and provide tips to make sure your event is a success.

How much is a corporate magician?

The cost of hiring a corporate magician in London can vary widely depending on the magician's experience, popularity, and the length of the performance. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from £300 to £2,000 for a 1-2 hour performance. However, keep in mind that some of the most famous magicians may charge much more for their services, and you get what you pay for. Cheap magicians should be avoided if you value quality.

Who is the best close up magician in London?

There are many talented close up magicians in London, so it's difficult to name just one as the "best." However, some of the most highly-regarded magicians available in London include Laura London, Etienne Pradier, Rich Clark and Fay Presto. It's a good idea to watch videos of a few different magicians to see which style and personality would be the best fit for your event.

Who is the most famous magician to see in London?

London has been home to many famous magicians over the years, including Paul Daniels, David Berglas, and Derren Brown. However, one of the most famous magicians currently working in London is Dynamo. With his innovative style and impressive illusions, Dynamo has become a household name in the UK and beyond.

Dos and Don'ts of Hiring a Corporate Magician

DO: Consider the audience. Make sure the magician's style and material are appropriate for the age range and interests of your guests. Twisted Fork Magic is the UK's dedicated Magician Network and they will handpick the perfect magician for your event.

DON'T: Hire a magician who is not experienced with corporate events. Make sure the magician you hire understands the unique needs and dynamics of a business event.

DO: Discuss the magician's set-up needs with your event planner or venue manager to ensure that the performance space is suitable and any necessary equipment is provided.

DON'T: Try to negotiate on price. If a magician's fees are outside of your budget, it's better to find a cheaper magician than to try to haggle. But bear in mind that lowering the rate might well compromise on quality.

Benefits of Hiring a Magician for Your Corporate Event

There are many benefits to hiring a magician for your corporate event. First and foremost, a skilled magician can provide entertainment and create a memorable experience for your guests. In addition, a magician can help break the ice and spark conversation among guests who may not know each other well. Finally, a magician can help reinforce key messages or themes of your event through the use of illusions and storytelling.

In conclusion, hiring a corporate magician can be a great way to add excitement and wonder to your next company party or event in London. By considering your audience, choosing a skilled magician, and planning ahead for set-up and logistics, you can ensure that your event is a success and your guests are left with lasting memories.

For further information, or to hire the perfect magician for your event, contact or visit

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