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Do you Need a Magician?

Do you need a magician?


That's the simple answer. No one *needs* a Magician. But hiring a magician for your event brings so much enjoyment with it, that many party organisers find themselves reaching for their favourite magician agency as soon as they have the date!

A magician comes in a few forms. You have the stage magicians like Copperfield and Burton, with their big illusions and grand surroundings. You have the mentalists and mind readers like Derren Brown, and then you have the Close Up Magicians. The Close Up Magicians are just that, close up and personal, with highly visual and interactive magic that happens right under your nose or even in your own hand! The sliding scale also applies here - you have corporate close up magicians, with slick, visual and sophisticated magic, perfect for the business or networking crowd. Then you have the gritty street magician, sleeves rolled up, working the urban landscape (think Davis Blaine and Dynamo). Not to be confused with the street performer (think Covent Garden and a large crowd).

My favourite type of magician is the all-round Close Up Magician. Someone who can mix with both the corporate business crowd, but is equally at home with any crowd. He/she can work the street crowds, the wedding crowd, or the corporate crowd, because their magic is so powerful that it talks to that inner part of the human brain that transcends petty occupation or class. It speaks to a deeper part of us and brings us back, fleetingly, to childhood (or at least the sense of wonder that accompanied us through childhood).

Because that is what magic does. It awakens in us a sense of wonder - one often diluted by age - and allows us to enjoy that sense of wonderment all over again, a sense we rarely enjoy and harks back to happier (or at least less stressful) days. More than that, it brings people together. It gets diverse groups talking with one another, and leaves a legacy. When the magician leaves the building, the guests have memories that will last for the rest of the evening, and perhaps for a lifetime. They will associate that memory with your event. In essence, it makes your event more memorable than it would have been otherwise.

Laughter, fun, excitement, and unity. This is what a magician brings. Which is why, more than ever in recent years, a Close Up Magician is a must-have at any event. Weddings, Work Events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Networking Events, and Kids Parties. You name it, Magicians can make your event wonderful and memorable.

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