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Magic Revealed

How to do some very well known tricks:

Sawing a person in half:

The magician uses a fake saw that's actually made of rubber and just bounces off the person's body. The "cut" is actually just a line of confetti exploding from the saw.


The magician is actually wearing special "anti-gravity" boots that allow them to float in mid-air.

The floating ball:

The ball is actually filled with helium and is being controlled by a small remote control hidden in the magician's pocket.

The disappearing elephant:

The elephant is actually a trained hologram that can disappear at the push of a button.

The bullet catch:

The magician catches the bullet with their teeth, but it's actually a special candy that just dissolves in their mouth.

The Chinese linking rings:

The rings are actually made of magnetic material and stick together.

The cups and balls: The balls are actually just potatoes that the magician has hidden in their sleeves.

The levitating woman:

The woman is gulps down lots of air beforehand and this makes her float for a few moments.

The Houdini water torture cell:

The water is actually just a special blue gel that looks like water but is harmless to the magician.

The vanishing birdcage:

The birdcage is made of a weak material. It is crushed - along with the bird - and hidden in the magician's sleeve.

The escape artist:

The handcuffs are actually made of candy and just dissolve in the magician's mouth.

The levitating table:

The table has an in-built drone that makes it fly.

The torn and restored newspaper:

The magician has a fast-application selotape role up his sleeve which he uses to repair the paper in front of the audience.

The mind reading act:

The magician has a secret earpiece that allows them to hear the audience's thoughts.

The walking through a wall:

The wall is actually made of foam and just collapses when the magician walks through it.

The multiplying rabbits:

The rabbits are actually just puppets that the magician controls with his hands.

The bullet through glass:

The glass is actually made of sugar and just shatters when the bullet hits it.

The card on the ceiling:

The card is actually held in place by a small magnet hidden in the ceiling.

The levitating light bulb:

The bulb is actually just a hologram that the magician controls with a remote.

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